Fairwood Featured Business – Shakey’s!

With this post, I am happy to be continuing my “Fairwood Featured Business” series with installment #6.shakey's blog pic

My ongoing passion is to highlight and celebrate the neighborhood I live in, raise my kids in and work in.  I believe that a big part of what enhances our quality of life is when we enjoy our surroundings.  So I’m taking an opportunity to focus on our neighborhood specifically and to appreciate all that we have here, so close to home.

Previously on this blog, I have featured Plaza Cleaners, Fairwood Thai Cuisine, and Cosmo Nail Parlor and Fairwood Golf & Country Club and Fire District #40, Station 17.

For the month of MAY, I am proud to highlight Shakey’s Pizza Parlor!

Only 2 in Washington State

Did you know that our Fairwood Shakey’s is one of only two in Washington?  You’ll have to drive to Pasco to find the other! Shakey’s was founded in 1954 and has been a center point of West Coast culture since then.  Shakey’s has a long history in Renton and I am glad that Fairwood is home to this classic family restaurant.

New Owner

In February, 2016 Lori Bender took over the reins as the new owner.  A Fairwood resident herself since 1977 and longtime restaurant owner, Lori is passionate about revitalizing our Shakey’s.  Here are just some of the exciting changes underway:  remodel of restaurant and kitchen, revamped menu, improved beer & wine selections, larger game room, and some lower prices.  With such a long history in Fairwood, Lori wants to ensure that Shakey’s is going strong for years to come.

Family Friendly

Shakey’s has always been a great gathering place for families. It’s kid friendly and comfortable with selections for adults as well. Our sports teams have long enjoyed after game meals and banquets there.  Lori showed me the reconfigured party room, and it is a great gathering place.  Shakey’s has hosted engagement parties, baby showers, sports team banquets, birthday parties and even a wedding reception!  If your group really needs the party room, it is best to make a reservation, but Lori said that Teams are ALWAYS WELCOME – just c’mon in!

Take a New Look!

I am excited to take a new look at an old favorite!  Shakey’s is open daily from 11-9pm and until 10pm on Friday and Saturdays.  Lori has generously offered  to take $2 off of any large pizza order if you mention Rosie Rourke anytime in the month of May.

Thank You Lori!  And thank you Shakey’s for continuing to be our Fairwood family gathering place!

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