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Buyers are falling in love with real estate again! 

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home Now Instead of Waiting!

The real estate market is on fire! In case you didn’t know, 2023 was one of the slowest real estate markets in history! It wasn’t uncommon for homes to sit on the market for 30, 60, even 90 days. It was a challenging market for sellers. BUT, despite the slowdown in sales last year (down almost 30% nationally) our team was still able to help 131 homeowners! The average agent in Western WA only helped 2 families according to MLS data, so we have things dialed in! 

Fast forward to RIGHT NOW, homes are flying off the shelves again. The majority of our client's listings this year have sold within a week and many with multiple offers. There is only one problem… there are not enough homes for buyers to buy. The market needs more homes for sale!

sell your fairwood home in 2024

"When I decided to sell my house of 20 years, I knew I wanted to go with the Rosie Rourke Team. Their knowledge of the Fairwood market and community involvement is what sold me. Melissa Hudson is an ace! When I first met her, I knew that I had made the right choice. She came prepared with knowledge, thoughtfulness, kindness, and a nice binder full of marketing information that was educational to me. I felt at ease when communicating with Melissa; it was a great experience working with her and the entire Rosie Rourke Team. My house sold in just 3 days after listing! I highly recommend this team of professionals if you are selling your home."

We usually don't see a market frenzy like this until the warmer Spring months in April and May, but it came early this year. Will this surge in buyer activity last until late Spring? What about the election? Typically, during an election year, real estate activity decreases as we get closer to November.

So, what does all this mean for you as a potential seller of your home in 2024? Nobody has a crystal ball, but our team does have 90+ years of combined local real estate experience, and this experience is telling us to react to what is in front of you RIGHT NOW instead of waiting.

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home NOW

Interest Rates – Interest rates have come down from last year, which means more buying power for people house hunting right now! This is one of the reasons why there are so many buyers right now! Will these lower interest rates last? Like we said, one has a crystal ball, but if you wait and the rates go up, it could cool off the sellers’ market we are in RIGHT NOW!

Your Home Will Stand Out – With less homes on the market right now, your home will stand out from the crowd when it lists! If you wait a couple of months for Spring to list your home you run the risk of a massive flood of listings like yours. With more competition the likelihood of a bidding war and a quick sale diminishes. Once again, we don’t have a crystal ball but historically later in the Spring we see a surge in listings. RIGHT NOW, inventory is low, and it is a great time to take advantage of this!

You Are in Control – In a sellers’ market like this, you have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating terms. With multiple buyers bidding for your home, you will have more options. Waved inspections, over asking offers waving 22AD, rent back opportunities, and more. For more information about this contact our team using the form below or CLICK HERE.

You Have What Buyers Want RIGHT NOW – Buyers need homes to buy... BUT your home needs to be presented well and priced right for this market. Our stress-free listing program combined with your personal listing concierge Joanne (included with every listing) ensures your home will be the talk of the town when it hits the market! We help get it “show ready” by managing the pre-inspection, work orders, designer touches, staging advice, and some of the best marketing in the business. Learn more about our stress-free listing program HERE or reach out below.

This is an Election Year – Historically the market slows down the closer we get to a major election. Again, like a broken record LOL, we don’t have a crystal ball, but we can see what is right in front of us. We are telling all our clients to get their home on the market earlier rather than later just in case. We would hate for you to miss the market!

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