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Good News for Home Buyers – Summer 2024

when is the best time to buy a home

According to Redfin, Home Prices Hit New Highs, But Buyers Find Some Relief in Summer of 2024 in King County including Renton, Fairwood, Kent, Auburn, and Maple Valley! 

In a recent report by Redfin, the median home-sale price in the U.S. has reached an all-time high of $396,000, marking a 4.8% increase year-over-year. Despite the rising prices, there are signs of relief for buyers. The report highlights a decline in pending home sales by 3.8%, the largest year-over-year drop in nearly four months, and an increase in the number of price drops among sellers, indicating that the market may be cooling off slightly.

The report also points out that new listings are still historically low, which contributes to the high prices. However, the share of homes that have been on the market for 30 days or longer is growing, leading to more opportunities for buyers to negotiate better deals. Homes in good condition and in desirable locations continue to sell at high prices, while those needing work or in less popular areas are selling below the asking price.

Mortgage rates have seen a slight decline, with the weekly average dropping to 6.95%, providing some financial relief to buyers. Redfin's Homebuyer Demand Index, which measures requests for tours and other buying services, has also declined by 17% year-over-year, reflecting the impact of high costs on buyer activity.

Overall, while home prices continue to climb, there are emerging opportunities for buyers to find more favorable conditions in a market that is showing early signs of rebalancing.

For more detailed insights and to read the full article, you can go to Redfin's press release page.

Spring Market Update!

what is going on with real estate right now in renton fairwood maiple valley


Real Estate Market Update 2024

Hi everyone, Rosie Rourke here, your hometown real estate agent! Here's a quick
update on the spring real estate market, enjoy!

Home Inventory Trends:
Inventory remains tight, with limited supply compared to demand, leading to a competitive market. New listings are being snapped up quickly, often resulting in multiple offers on desirable properties, especially when they are presented well with our concierge listing program (shameless plug, lol).

Pricing Trends:
Home prices in Fairwood continue to rise steadily, fueled by high demand and low inventory. Sellers are generally able to command strong prices for their homes, especially in well-maintained or updated homes.

Buyer Behavior:
Buyers are facing stiff competition and may need to act fast when a desirable home becomes available. Many buyers are willing to pay above asking price to secure a home. Our open house research is showing a surge of buyers coming down from the eastside and Seattle to SE King County, it is the target area for homeownership right now!

Interest Rates:
Interest rates remain relatively low, motivating buyers to enter the market and take advantage of favorable financing options. Low interest rates continue to contribute to buyer demand and may offset some of the upward pressure on prices.

Market Outlook:
The spring market is expected to remain competitive, with strong demand from buyers and limited inventory. Sellers can expect favorable conditions for listing their homes but should still ensure their properties are well-presented to stand out.

If you are thinking about selling your home this year or you are planning to make a move   2-5 years, it’s a good idea to see where you stand in the market. We offer a FREE home pricing valuation that includes a FREE report! Book your consultation (which is no-obligation at all) with our team below or call our office directly at 206.719.5870

What’s Going on with Real Estate?!


Hello friends and Happy New Year! Guess what? Interest rates went down a touch, and I just wanted to keep you posted about this exciting news because people have been waiting on the sidelines for the interest rates to drop. They were above 8% in October and over the last few months they have dropped into the mid-6% range. This has created a lot of movement in the real estate market. We are seeing our listings in Fairwood (and all over King County I might add) gain a lot more interest and sales are happening again! Rosie actually predicted this would happen a few months ago during her Winter Real Estate Market Update:


Here's something to consider. With falling interest rates, our prediction is that we're going to see a floodgate of stampeding buyers, coming out to play in this market. When this happens (spoiler alert, it already is happening, our first listing of the year sold in 3 days with multiple offers!!!), sales prices will go up, due to competing offer situations. Sellers will not be as inclined to negotiate terms as they are right now. We are confident that now is a  great time to get back into the market.

Buyers - Act before the market heats up even more. More buyers = more competition for you! If you are a buyer interested in winning your dream home please check out

Sellers - It’s time to get your ducks in a row to be prepared to take advantage of the intensifying market. My team is ready and eager to help you price your home, manage your pre-inspection, help you get your home ready, and expertly market its flood of buyers entering the market right now. Our open houses are busy, private showings are up, and online traffic is through the roof on our listings. Learn more about our stress-free listing program and take advantage of the market at



Winter Market Update!


Winter ❄️ is here... and so is another market update from your hometown realtor, Rosie! She recaps the crazy year that was real estate in 2023 and gives you a glimpse to what 2024 has in store for you. SPOILER ALERT... it's good news! BUT, you have to be prepared and have your 🦆🦆🦆in a row to take advantage of the good news.

Watch the video, post your questions in the comments, and reach out to us so we can help you plan for real estate success in 2024!

Mortgage Rates in 2024

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Homebuyers can expect mortgage rates in the 6% range next year, says NAR’s Lawrence Yun

Today we saw Lawrence Yun, National Association of Realtors chief economist, join ‘Squawk Box’ on CNBC to discuss the state of the housing market, why he believes it’s a strange market of record-high home prices, deep-slumping home sales, and more. It's a great video and he talks about his predictions for interest rates in 2024! Here is the video:

We are already beginning to see rates drop. Mortgage demand jumped to six-week high as interest rates continue to drop according to the Mortgage Bankers Association What does this mean for you?

For Sellers: Buyer demand will be picking up as mortgage rates drop. More buyers means more opportunity to sell your home! If you are thinking of selling in 2024 NOW is the time to start planning with us - LEARN MORE HERE

For Buyers: With rates dropping, there will be more competition for you to deal with. We will see the return of multiple offers and over asking price offers. BUY NOW before the flood gates open, save money on the purchase price, than refinance your loan in the Spring when rates hopefully hit 6%! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Fall Market Update

is fall a good time to sell my home?


Fall Market Update & Report Download! 

Fall is an excellent time to sell your home in western Washington for several compelling reasons:

Beautiful Scenery: Fairwood boasts stunning mature fall foliage, making properties look more appealing with colorful leaves and pleasant weather. This natural backdrop can enhance your home's curb appeal.

Comfortable Weather: The moderate fall temperatures in Fairwood create a comfortable environment for potential buyers to explore homes without the discomfort of extreme heat or cold, making it an inviting time to showcase your property.

Reduced Competition: While spring is a popular season for home sales, fall typically sees a decrease in the number of homes listed, reducing competition for sellers. This can lead to a quicker sale and potentially better offers.

Serious Buyers: Buyers looking in the fall often have a strong motivation to move before the holiday season or the end of the year. This sense of urgency can result in more serious and committed buyers.

Favorable Lighting: The soft, natural lighting in the fall can highlight your home's best features, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere during showings and photography sessions.

The combination of picturesque scenery, comfortable weather, reduced competition, motivated buyers, and favorable lighting makes fall an advantageous time to list your home in Renton, Fairwood, Maple Valley, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way, Puyallup and more, which will potentially lead to a successful and efficient sale.

To get started with our stress-free listing program download our FREE Fall Market Report below! 

Fantasy Football 2023/24!

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Sign Up Online Below!

It's Rosie Rourke's Fantasy Football Contest! 

Football season is once again upon us (GO SEAHAWKS!!!) and we are excited to host our popular Fantasy Football contest again! The winner will receive a pair of Seattle Kraken Tickets for the 2024 season, a $500+ value!

The rules are simple, start by filling out your online draft form below. Enter one player for each category, these will be your players for the entire season. At the end of the season we will tally up the points and announce a winner, that's it! Draft form must be submitted online by Sept. 7th at 5pm, good luck!





The Spring real estate market is in full swing! If you're a seller, now is the time to take advantage of record low inventory (homes for sale) and get your house on the market. Homes that priced right, presented well, and marketed correctly are selling! Learn more at

If you are a buyer, take advantage of seller concessions and stable prices. If you are worried about interest rates we have solutions, learn more here:

March of Diapers Drive!

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We are Proud to be a Donation Location for this Year's March of Diapers!

March 1st through 31st we will be accepting your donations of diapers, baby wipes & monetary donations at our Fairwood real estate office. Adult diapers will also be accepted and open packages of diapers. Our goal is to bring in 2500 diapers + 2500 baby whips. If we reach our goal BEFORE March 19th Rosie has agreed to dress up like a baby and collect donations at our team office, LOL! 

Donation Hours: 9-5pm Monday - Friday

Location: 16333 SE Petrovitsky Rd, Renton, WA 98058

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If you can't make it to our office you can still participate in the Diaper Drive! 

Target Wishlist with delivery to our office:

Make a Monetary Donation online (put in The Rosie Rourke Team at check out):