Buyers... Stop Waiting on the World to Change!

You Will Miss an Historic Opportunity if You DON'T Act Now! 

is now a good time to buy a house


Don't let Interest Rates HOLD YOU HOSTAGE! 

If you are waiting for interest rates to go down to below 3% to make your move you will be waiting FOREVER. Waiting for the housing market to crash (which it's not going too) isn't a good strategy as well. You can't wait on the world to change, you need to take action and do what is right for you.

"This is the best time to buy a house in the next five years while interest rates are up, BUY THE HOUSE! When interest rates come back down, refinance. But don’t not buy waiting on interest rates to come down. Just refinance the mortgage if interest rates come down. This is the best price right now if you are going to buy a house." – Dave Ramsey, Financial Guru

Life events drive home ownership, not interest rates. Now is a great time to buy despite what the media is telling us. Top 1% realtor Rosie Rourke and Jill Bartoletti of Movement Mortgage discuss all things interest rates, why they were so low, where they are now and why buying a home TODAY costs about the same as it did last year! Check out their 3 part video series below!

β€œI won’t be able to afford a mortgage (or buy my first house) if I can’t get an interest rate below 4% .”


β€œI want to wait for interest rates to come back down below 4% before jumping into the real estate market.”



β€œI will continue to rent until interest rates go down and/or home prices go down”


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