what is the fairwood alliance

Our Mission

The Fairwood Alliance is a non-profit business league whose mission is to empower Fairwood businesses and the community they serve. We deploy a network of community volunteers to create a thriving local economy by providing resources, fostering connections, and advocating for the needs of the Fairwood community.

2024 Events

fairwood alliance events

These are the annual events that the Fairwood Alliance hosts. We also do more on-demand pop-ups, help amplify other events going on in Fairwood, host ribbon cutting events, and more! 

NEW FOR 2024... Business Spotlights!

Each month we help organize an event held at a local Fairwood business. The goal is to introduce the community to some unique businesses in Fairwood... and have some fun! 

Get Involved!

Calling all Fairwood business owners, community influencers, social media admins, business pop-ups, HOA presidents anyone who wants Fairwood to THRIVE! Join our email list and follow us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM!